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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Feb 21, 2018

My first interview with today’s guest was in the backseat of a GTO.... wait a second now - it's not that kind of radio show – this was way back in 2010 – I had just launched SEA AND BE SCENE and somehow managed to score an interview with TV’s hottest new detective. They were in Newfoundland filming an episode on location and lucky for me it was pouring rain, and the only dry spot not in use was in Jake Doyle’s car. Talk about timing! And ever since that very first chat Mr.Allan Hawco has given us a ton of projects to cover – from the six seasons of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE to his mini series THE BOOK OF NEGROES to his work on the big screen in films like WEIRDOS, HYENA ROAD and LOVE AND SAVAGERY to his stage productions with his Toronto based Company Theatre, to his St.John’s based production company Take The Shot and on and on the list goes.  In fact right now his horror movie THE CHILD REMAINS is running the North American festival circuit – his period drama FRONTIER for Discovery Channel and Netflix is currently filming season 3 in Newfoundland and he’s just days away from the premiere of a brand new series for CBC – one for which he holds the title of showrunner, executive producer, co-writer and star – that show is CAUGHT!  Adapted from NL author Lisa Moore’s acclaimed novel of the same name – Hawco plays David Slaney who’s "locked up after a drug bust and makes a daring escape from a New Brunswick prison to attempt one more drug deal with his former partner. It’s Slaney’s last chance at freedom but in this tale of bravado and betrayal, nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted." Paul Gross, Tori Anderson and Eric Johnson are just a few of Allan’s talented co-stars and we’ll get the scoop on casting for CAUGHT and some cool inside scoop on that show - and so much more including his methods for acting, his ability for multi-tasking and his wonderful family. Plus we play an insightful round of WOULD YOU RATHER and cover a great deal of creative ground – he’s my conversation with the one and only Allan Hawco.

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