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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Jan 16, 2018

I always love chatting with today’s guests – both natives of Newfoundland & Labrador – both award winning in their field. Coming up later in the show – I’ll share a quick catch up with the pride of Petty Harbour – Mr.Alan Doyle who's always on the go.  In fact the man just kicked off another North American tour this week – and  between promoting his new book and performing he’s been producing a ton to boot. He's never too busy for a chat though. Check out the links below for everything from one on one interviews to a very hilarious round of INsights IN 10 – from backstage to behind the scenes to the red carpet and the green carpet too! In fact that’s where we last crossed paths in Saskatoon just before the Canadian Country Music Awards. First we’ll connect to school mate of Mr.Doyle’s who I call Madame Editor – she is in fact the Executive Editor of Atlantic Business Magazine - the longest publishing regional business magazine in Atlantic Canada as well as the most award-winning and largest circulation business magazine in the region. As you might imagine it’s a massive endeavour and we’ll talk about her role with ABM and so much more - including her feelings on 'fake news' and her favourite to- dos when you’re in her home province, and her sage advice for upcoming journalists. Enjoy my conversation with the remarkable Dawn Chafe...

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