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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Mar 14, 2018

I first met this NL fella back in 2014 during a benefit concert for the Company Theatre – but we’d been celebrating the talents of Greg Hawco long before then on The wonderfully talented conductor and composer was already in our Cool People Profiles and we were enjoying his musical contributions to one of our favourite shows – REPUBLIC OF DOYLEGreg was even kind enough to share an amazing photo album feature from his trip to Berlin with us. So naturally when we caught up to him at the company theatre for SEA AND BE SCENE TV -we were keen to get the scoop.  Greg’s been busy with the baton ever since – having conducted both here and overseas many times – in fact he’s formed an awesome new orchestra with a big concert planned for this summer so we’ll get the scoop on that – plus we’ll chat about the killer new music he’s made for CBC’s new series CAUGHT and we’ll talk about his role with the Toronto Company for the Broadway smash COME FROM AWAY and a whole lot more. As you might imagine his new theatre role keeps him close to the stage so we’re catching up to him in TO via telephone - here's my conversation with the one and only Greg Hawco

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