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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Feb 14, 2018

It’s always an extraordinary pleasure interviewing today’s guest – in fact I have on two previous occasions.  Once back in 2006 when I was working at TV station in Ottawa and he was in town to promote his sophomore solo release, and the second time was just this past September at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Saskatoon. So you can imagine how wonderful it is to report our third and longest chat would be right here in Nova Scotia - just one show into his nation wide tour. Now for the sake of full transparency – I am a HUGE fan of the man and in a lot of ways his music has been the soundtrack to my life – both his solo work and that of his band... and I know I’m not alone in that LOVE.  His list of accomplishments is endless - from his countless SOCAN and JUNO awards, to his place in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, to his induction into the Order of Canada - Jim Cuddy is a legend to be sure of it.   How awesome that the Blue Rodeo front man sat down for a great chat before his solo CONSTELLATION Tour took to the stage at the Rebecca Cohen Theatre in Halifax - and we talked about everything - from the inspiration behind his music to his early days with the band, from his take on destiny to his feelings on throw pillows and so much more.  We play a brand new game and of course we’ll play some of his amazing music. I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely VALENTINE’S DAY Edition OF SEA AND BE SCENE AND HEARD...

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