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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Mar 7, 2018

It was a real treat connecting with today’s guest and here’s why - he’s an honest to goodness renaissance man. He is a novelist, a singer, a songwriter, a musician, an actor, a screenwriter – and on the list goes. He’s also very funny as evidence by his latest series LITTLE DOG – and now that I know what to expect when we connect – I’m not afraid, but for the sake of full transparency – back when I first interviewed Joel Thomas Hynes at the 2014 Atlantic International Film Festival I was... well... nervous. And truthfully that had everything to do with his great acting skills – from his guest starring stint as dark and scary Taylor Gossad on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE to his darker and scary turn as Angus in CAST NO SHADOW- buddy had me more than worried but there was nothing to worry about. Our chat back then was a great one and we’ll have more on his award winning feature CAST NO SHADOW coming up in a bit, and we’ll hear from his award winning cos-star too. But we’ve got plenty of new ground to cover with this constantly creating NL fella - from his most recent novel "We'll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night," to music from his brand new album DEAD MAN’S MELODY (all 9 tracks written by Joel Thomas Hynes), to his just premiered comedy series for CBC called LITTLE DOGJoel created the show which was shot in Newfoundland – and we’ll get the scoop on all of that including production and cast.  And speaking of cast – we’ll catch up to a brilliant member of the LITTLE DOG family – wonderful Irish born actress Ger Ryan who plays Tommy’s oh so passive-aggressive mother Sylvia. We’ll even play a long overdue round of INsight IN 10 with the man – it’s a jam packed show so let’s get to it. Enjoy my telephone conversation with the one and only Joel Thomas Hynes...

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