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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Nov 29, 2017

I was so happy when the award winning and wonderful young filmmaker and actress Koumbie popped into the Cove FM studios for a chat. The Nova Scotia born phenom has provided a ton stellar stuff to feature on SEA AND BE SCENE over the years - From her work on screen the small screen in award winning productions lke Mr. D and STUDIO BLACK!, to her recent big screen role in BLACK COP to her efforts behind the scenes with both WIFT (women in film and television) and the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP), to even writing and directing her own films - Koumbie is a force! And at the moment that force is focused on the theatre -  directing a new play about the Halifax Explosion called "Lullaby" and in rehearsals for a role in another called “At the Hour” which will open December 16th. We’ll talk about all of that and so much more including auditions, busy schedules, candy canes and car rides – here’s my conversation with Koumbie...

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