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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Jan 31, 2018

I first met today’s wonderful guest in St.John’s – she was taking a break from filming a new detective series for CBC and I had just launched SEA AND BE SCENE – it was all early days little did we know the world wide hit we were talking about – REPUBLIC OF DOYLE went on to air for 6 seasons – to millions of people around planet – and to this day as it screens on Netflix in the US and the UK more and more folks are delighting in Doyle and the talents of it’s female lead Krystin Pellerin. Over the years we’ve had plenty of on set chats and red carpet conversations to discuss the Krystin’s on screen work and SEA AND BE SCENE dot com had the exclusive on her theatre world with THE PELLERIN POST in which Krystin had shared her on her many stage productions so it’s fair to say we are HUGE fans of this multi-talented and award winning lady. Since Doyle’s wrap Krystin went on to stage in the emotional short TOUCH which has garnered tons of accolades and awards on the festival circuit so we’ll be sure to talk about that as well as her recent work on the Stratford stage as none other than Lady MacBeth – a far cry character wise from Sargent Leslie Bennett – but if we’ve learned anything about Ms.Pellerin over the years it’s that her talents no no limits. And did we mention she can sing – these days she's busy belting out Broadway hits – as Atlantic Light Theatre’s presents GUYS AND DOLLS – February 1 through the 4th.

As you might imagine we’ve got plenty of ground to cover to let’s get to it – here’s my conversation with the award winning and wonderful Krystin Pellerin.

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