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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Jun 1, 2018

Today’s guest is downright hilarious – from his side splitting stand up shows to his comedic roles on the big and small screen to his mega award winning time with the team on THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTESNL fella Shaun Majumder is always great for a laugh.  In fact this summer he’ll taking a brand new stand up tour to 18 spots throughout our nation – with 10 right here in Atlantic Canada, so we’ll talk about that - along with everything he’s got planned for the 5th season of his food and music festival THE GATHERING, plus get the scoop on his incredible initiative called OME SWEET OME.  Indeed there’s a ton to talk about to be sure of it so without further ado here’s my conversation with the one and only Shaun Majumder

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