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Celebrating Awesome EAST Coast Folks & Kindred Spirits!

Feb 7, 2018

I first met today’s phenomenal guest back in 2011 - just a wee bit south of here in fact, in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia where the Labrador born, Toronto based actor was busy shooting the feature film THE DISAPPEARED, and truth be told our coverage has been non stop since. Just do a search on Sea And Be Scene and you’ll see we’ve celebrated his work on the big and small screen with roles in everything from hits like FARGO and HOUSE OF CARDS, to his award winning mini series JOHN A. BIRTH OF A NATION, to his most recent film AWAY FROM EVERYWHERE, and then there’s his currently running shows BELLEVUE, FRONTIER and THE EXPANSE, and a whole lot more - but that’s just for the past 7 years!  You’d have really need to check out his IMDb page to get the full roster of roles – from guest starring on Emmy winning shows like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and LOST, to regular roles like on HBO’s smash BIG LOVE to starring turns in shows like END GAME, to movies like GROWN UP MOVIE STAR and FREQUENCY there’s a ton of it to say the least, and then there’s his stage work.  Yes, it’s fair to say buddy’s been busy, but truth be told it’s his great talents as an actor that keep him in such great demand – so we’ll do our best to cover it all, plus get the scoop on his life in Labrador, his love of baths and a whole lot more! Here's my conversation with the one and only Shawn Doyle...

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